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Probiotics is essential in human’s daily life, and probiotic products in solid form are generally produced by freeze-drying/lyophilization.

The main quality indicator for probiotic products is the quantity of live bacteria during the validity period. Tofflon is dedicated to exploring

the maximization and automation of probiotics production capacity and efficiency while ensuring quality indicators.

  • General process for the production of freeze-dried probiotics

    The general process for the production of freeze-dried probiotics is as follows:


      ?   A good probiotic strain is identified for culture and screening, and the fermentation is scaled up to the industrial scale through the fermenter.

           ?   To obtain bacterial sludge after fermentation, the fermentation broth is separated by solid/liquid separation method such as centrifugation in general.

    •  ?   The bacterial sludge is mixed with the protectant in a preparation tank to obtain a suspension containing probiotics.
    •  ?   The suspension is filled on the lyophilizer shelf, freezing, vacuuming, heating and drying on the shelf until the endpoint is reached. The lyophilizer restores to normal pressure. Open the door to remove the freeze-dried powder.
    •  ?   The freeze-dried powder is collected into a closed container and
    •  ?   placed in cold storage for storage.
    •  ?   When proportioning production is needed, the stored bacterial powder bin is removed from the cold storage for quantitative feeding, proportioning and mixing through the proportioning and mixing system. After the mixing is processed, the proportioning bin is connected to the packing machine for the dispensing of finished products. Eventually, the dispensed products are packaged and then released in the market.